About me. My name’s VINCENT ADIKA.

My interest in the human mind, not the brain began in early teens. This led to mental health work for nearly 40 years. However I began to feel and sense that mind is not confined to only the brain but all the cells and organs of the human body. Epigenetics currently confirms this phenomenon. The mind goes well beyond our five senses of reality which quantum physics is currently struggling to understand, yes, exponential strides are being made every time but there is more to be made in the coming years. In my 20th year of psychiatry, I began to make a connection between science and spirituality which led to study of the world major religions, not in great depth but enough to understand their basic principles. I also read works by various unorthodox scientists in their field of expertise. This is an area of deep challenges to conventional wisdom and science, nevertheless it’s an area worth exploration , new beginnings and understanding emerges. This took me to a newer understanding of our minds and the important roles they play in our daily lives as well as the effects they have on our present world system. My current path in the last 20 years and more so in in the last 5 years has been both inspirational and joyful. Yes, there has been challenges along the way but nothing compared to the greater awareness of the inherent human spirit within us all which when utilize can achieve greater good. This is the purpose of wanting to put down to paper my experiences and observations of what is happening in my field of vision in my mind. Hopefully others may resonate with these visions and possibly expand or contribute to them. I see this as ongoing, generation after generation resulting in incremental improvements and awareness of the human.


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