1. Look at nature. Seeds become animate when planted in soil, they germinate, grow and become source of food to nourish living organisms. Has seeds or for that matter soil got a mind? We can talk about botany, photosynthesis, minerals, etc but can we really explain these transform ation of seed to food for a child to understand, let alone an adult without formal education? Is science ready to go beyond its own borders of knowledge and understanding?

2.Death of the physical body is real. However there are strong evidence of survival of the essence of every sentient being after corporal death of the body. It’s known by several names, soul, spirit, etheric body, essence or whatever the prevailing terminology is in that locality. It is also a matter of belief and personal experiences from many modalities available from social networks on death and dying , anecdotal evidences from medical sciences on hospitals and hospices work by staff, religious bodies of Eastern religions and some Western ones , scientific and quantum researchers and books written by experts in their own field of expertise who are working beyond and outside their regulatory bodies. Can we truly put our hands on our hearts and say all these experiences by more than several million people across our world are deluded, hallucinating or making it all up ? That is a choice for each one of us. We name things because we either have experiences of them or actually decern them through our five senses and at times through our “sixth” sense which are largely dismissed in majority of the Western world but accepted in majority of the Eastern world traditions. This is not a matter of who is ” right or wrong ” but simply current perception of one’s reality. And it can change either way through experiences or otherwise at any point in “time”. Denying the existence of something actually does prove its existence but probably not in the way it’s understood or known. Evidence is growing exponentially in the number of people who are either experiencing ” non locality phenomenon ” or having personal experiences that cannot be easily explained. My aim here is to open a platform for those who have experienced or ” feel ” the presence of something they cannot adequately express in words and start some dialogue or share information and experiences.


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